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Fake bank text

19:48 Sun 21 Apr 2019


Receive at least three calls a day. I don’t answer because I don’t know if it’s a scam or phishing call. No message is left so I assume it’s a scam.

21:29 Sat 20 Apr 2019


Filthy spam beware

16:11 Sat 20 Apr 2019


Automated Google call. Called 4 times per day till I blocked it

05:00 Sat 20 Apr 2019


Weird phishing sext message

04:00 Sat 20 Apr 2019


A robo call ( I think ) from a female who said it was about my credit cards, said because of my excellent credit I was eligible for a reduced interest rate and for more details to press 3. At that point I hung up.

21:36 Fri 19 Apr 2019


Another missed call from the devil

21:15 Fri 19 Apr 2019


A Mr. Sams called and talked to my husband and told my husband that I needed to call as soon as possible. Mr. Sams told my husband that someone had a complaint against me and that I had a court date in 2 weeks. It sounds like a scam but not sure. I don't know anyone in California.

20:56 Fri 19 Apr 2019


Scam about publishers clearing House supposedly from a relative ofine

16:07 Fri 19 Apr 2019


They called my sons phone by FaceTime audio?!

16:00 Fri 19 Apr 2019


They left a very explicit message possibly about drug money at 2am.

14:09 Fri 19 Apr 2019


Being succinct, I believe this call to be a Scam Call. Living in Canada, I don't visit New Orleans as often as I would like.

12:50 Fri 19 Apr 2019


Sent a text message re: section 8 processing error. Sent link to click to correct. No section 8 for Texas in Ohio.

02:15 Fri 19 Apr 2019


"Roger" call the boat purchasing my motorcycle kept in contact with me for three and a half days I left work early and did not finish a job because of it to come home and show the bike I cleaned it etc he never showed up or responded to text messages

23:46 Thu 18 Apr 2019


Keeps sending me details about a package that cant be delivered cause of my address and it was shipped and out for delivery

22:55 Thu 18 Apr 2019