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I received a super weird text from this number saying they tried to “dlvr cellphone” but it was “returned as door was locked”. There’s also a link at the end of the message which I’m assuming is one of those scam links. But they used my first name in the text which is a little unsettling.

17:59 Sun 08 Dec 2019

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This number sent a text pretending to be someone else. Do not trust it.

19:10 Fri 06 Dec 2019

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Scamming phone claiming Social Security Breach and legal action. Do not call back!!!

15:10 Fri 06 Dec 2019

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Received text message: lisa, I want to make sure you get the funds you need. I can process your funding request as soon as you reply Start.

03:39 Fri 06 Dec 2019

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Left v.m. did not say who with. Said I have pending allegations against me. Left a case# was a female automated recording. Gave me a different phone# to return call. Which I did not

18:37 Thu 05 Dec 2019

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have received multiple texts saying that I am eligible for a luxury anti aging test product group. Just reply with OK to join.

18:35 Thu 05 Dec 2019

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Sounds bogus..... left me vm without details Scott

18:12 Thu 05 Dec 2019

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Missed call, left a message asking for Mr or Mrs (last name), so this is clearly 1) robocalled and 2) still tied to my name. Hung up after realizing it was voice mail they were talking to, so must not be important LOL. Also, we've since moved many states away over 5 months ago, so anything coming from a 630 area code is generally spam anyway.

22:27 Wed 04 Dec 2019

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Called then when I picked up no one was there. I called the number and it was busy then I called back and it just kept ringing. What. A nuisance

13:56 Wed 04 Dec 2019

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Total scam, some dumb hillbilly calls up pretending to be a police official telling you that there is a warrant in your name and you have to go to CVS or Walmart to send money electronically to post your bail.

23:55 Tue 03 Dec 2019

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Number was trying to pay for sex

12:38 Tue 03 Dec 2019

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Call and didn't respond.

01:50 Tue 03 Dec 2019

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Emotionally abusive towards women, can't be loyal or honest to anyone including his own children and family. He's sick and enjoys seeing women in pain, hungry, and cold so he can ignore them and not offer help. Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer. He'll drag you through hell if you let him.

11:19 Mon 02 Dec 2019

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Received a call from this number. They didn’t say anything, but I heard static until they hung up.

19:12 Fri 29 Nov 2019

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Nick Vuksan

20:06 Thu 28 Nov 2019

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