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this was an automated call for suspicious activity on our business account for an iPhone12 pro. the left 609-662-6382 to call back. Amazon would have left a toll-free number if at all.

20:40 Wed 03 Mar 2021

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This was an automated call that left a message saying there is suspicious activity on my amazon account. There was an Iphone ordered to be delivered in memphis and my account is charged $1,050.00. No such activity has been done.

19:38 Wed 03 Mar 2021

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Scam call ....says name is James Malone from Texas.....asking about publisher clearinghouse......

18:24 Wed 03 Mar 2021

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This call is about suspicious activity wit an SSA account. Sounds like a scam

16:28 Fri 26 Feb 2021

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Left 36 seconds of static sound.

20:24 Thu 25 Feb 2021

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CREDlT BUREAU N0TlCE; Youve Been FIagged For UnusuaI Activity! ResoIve lssue By 02/26; http://iry.twivluxan.com/lemq/cFlwVMW. This is the text message sent. How to I stop these scam artists? Everyday a different number.

17:20 Thu 25 Feb 2021

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Scam call threatening arrest and blah blah blah. Don't answer or provide information

17:40 Wed 24 Feb 2021

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This number is really calling from Facebook. When I look it up it said Russia

03:30 Tue 23 Feb 2021

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Had a Text Message from this number saying they where going to kill me.

00:01 Mon 22 Feb 2021

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They have a directory. All the extensions are phone numbers for different countries outside of the US. SCAM. Do not talk to them

18:56 Fri 19 Feb 2021

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This number calls but never says anything. Auto dialer? I only call back because the city prefixes are 886

18:51 Fri 19 Feb 2021

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403-797-4896 repeated calls from this number leaves and pre-recorded message which states some to the effect of "... and action has been commenced against you... da da..da...da"

15:11 Fri 19 Feb 2021

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I met the guy who gave me the number asked for money to get phone on

12:31 Fri 19 Feb 2021

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Representative "Katherine Novatek" from "Sachs & Associates" contacted person from over a decade ago interaction stating she was trying to get in contact with me in reference to some criminal activity

14:00 Wed 17 Feb 2021

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Female named "Ashley Carmichael" contacted someone I know but haven't been associated with for over a decade stating she was from Sachs & Associates and that I was involved in some sort of fraud.

13:55 Wed 17 Feb 2021

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