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Sent pics of disemmbered parts, basically a threat to me and my family members.

17:56 Thu 08 Apr 2021

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15:27 Thu 08 Apr 2021

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This person will call you with a scam and attempt to take every cent you own. They don’t feel like working hard for money. DO NOT ANSWER THIS CALL!

03:26 Thu 08 Apr 2021

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Le indico que el numero 912 403 5336 esta realizando estafas me acaba de mandar que pedir informacion personal y me indica que supuestamente va enviar unos productos a mi recidencia en lima Perú, espero puedan bloquear dicho numero o tomar algun tipo de medidas, espero que esto pueda ayudar a alguien muchas gracias

17:04 Mon 05 Apr 2021

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Social Security Scam - threatens with arrest warrant

15:57 Mon 05 Apr 2021

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sidney is an imbecile: certified on a recorded line!

15:05 Wed 31 Mar 2021

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I received a message that I am PART OF A CLASS ACTION SUITE and I need to contact them before next week

16:39 Mon 29 Mar 2021

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texted me an amazon credit scam

04:11 Mon 29 Mar 2021

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Automated call on my cell phone claiming my credit card had suspicious activity of an Ebay purchase of $400 & a $1300 gift cards purchase. Googled the number - from Aylmer, Ontario but no info available. Did a *67 block of the number & called it back from my landline & # was not in service - FRAUDULENT CALLER

16:52 Fri 26 Mar 2021

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No message left, and pretty sure the phone never actually rang (I found that there was a call two hours after the fact). NOT calling the number back, on general principle, and blocking the number (because ditto). I know only one person who lives in Turtle Creek, PA, AFAIK -- and that person wouldn't be calling me, but calling my husband instead.

20:38 Tue 23 Mar 2021

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Missed call with no message left

13:33 Mon 22 Mar 2021

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They call but do not speak when you answer

20:10 Thu 18 Mar 2021

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He is a fraud contact me on mohdalidanish@gmail.com I give you his detailed talk with me on Whatsapp, where he fraud US Dollar of 4,630 with me.

22:42 Tue 16 Mar 2021

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Automatic service claiming to be Social Security and know my numbers with a down south southern accent & having a hard time getting out his words

15:54 Tue 16 Mar 2021

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Received 2 calls today to our unlisted number (818) 296-0134 and (818) 296-0129. Left no messages. Spam suspicion!

02:21 Fri 12 Mar 2021

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