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Constantly calls my cell all hours of day,leaves no message block the # and they call with different last 4 numbers

19:21 Fri 10 Jul 2020

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Got a voice mail from someone who left this number as their callback. She said she's an IRS agent. Have not confirmed yet.

18:17 Tue 07 Jul 2020

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Beta call left message about social security number canceled

14:29 Thu 18 Jun 2020

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Text rec'vd to call this phone,have been approved for$8K loan,call us back,scam@!

22:03 Tue 16 Jun 2020

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Text now number

20:08 Fri 12 Jun 2020

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Keeps calling but no one is there. Has called 10 times in the last few days. Most like a scam or phishing.

21:45 Thu 11 Jun 2020

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Text request to buy your home. Request person to stop contacting me.

22:25 Wed 10 Jun 2020

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Robocall I think it is a scam.

23:14 Mon 08 Jun 2020

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It's a scammer! The scammer poses as a property owner looking to rent their property, but is using another person's property to scam you into sending them a deposit. They want a deposit by CashApp or directly into their bank account!!!!!! SCAM!

19:40 Mon 08 Jun 2020

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May by a romance scammer

20:06 Sat 06 Jun 2020

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Called saying it was Social Security and wanted the las four numbers of my Social Security. I said no two times and the persons use foul language.

23:33 Fri 05 Jun 2020

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Two back to back calls. No message. I'm assuming it's "Angela" from the "Warranty Company" again spoofing someone else phone number.

22:55 Fri 05 Jun 2020

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Call from number looking to connect me with Mark Slar (sp) with Telenia (sp)

19:45 Thu 04 Jun 2020

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This number called me repeatedly four times in a row. I do not know anyone in New York.

02:17 Tue 02 Jun 2020

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Scam for Lions Club International. Wants you to pay $2,000 to get $50,000. Take pix of text. Block. Inform the Attorney General in your state. Inform police department. Stay away.

23:20 Fri 29 May 2020

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