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Toni spam

01:50 Sat 20 Jul 2019


Calls, never leaves message. Scam

21:01 Fri 19 Jul 2019


Claimed some tax fraud.

17:37 Fri 19 Jul 2019


Dude calls and asks about your home mortgage interest rate. Tells you your interest rate is too high and asks when you last financed. When you tell him a couple months and he can't relate that as "2"; he then questions/slanders your IQ. Get a new line of work superstar!

17:19 Fri 19 Jul 2019



14:20 Fri 19 Jul 2019


Assholes have the nerve to call me asking to speak to someone and when I ask who they are they hang up. Fuckin morons.

23:55 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Received text from this number asking if I got a vm from a few weeks prior and included my address. Signed by “Xeena” Received nothing previously and think it’s spam asking to sell my house.

20:16 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Some kind of threats putting in a jail for unpaid taxes

19:57 Thu 18 Jul 2019


This # tried to FaceTime me and I don’t havvebit in my phone book, so it’s someone I don’t know. I did not answer and they left no message.

17:38 Thu 18 Jul 2019


This number has been calling me almost every day for the last 2 weeks, 2-3 times some days. I Never answer numbers I don't know, so I'm not sure who it is........

17:06 Thu 18 Jul 2019



15:19 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Says i owe them 825 dollars its a cash advance company never used one of them so i know i dont owe

04:18 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Robo Caller possible scammer

00:54 Thu 18 Jul 2019


received a number of calls from this number today and yesterday and each time I answered, there was no one at the other end.

20:33 Wed 17 Jul 2019


this number called my home 12 times today between 9 AM and 3 PM. did not answer and they did not leave a voice message. having previously answered similar calls I usually find that they are recordings about credit cards or medical devices.

20:02 Wed 17 Jul 2019