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Old lady caller trying to sell clothes. Unsolicited, suspicious, obviously a scam. Says already packaged ready to ship FREE wold-wide!? That is a red flag.

13:15 Tue 21 May 2019


I basically get a call from these people 7 times a day for the past week. When I call back, it's an automated message saying they can't wait to get back to me with one of their agents: they don't mention the business name, whether they are a business, or what they do. Assuming scam

02:38 Tue 21 May 2019


Sending nasty texts

02:02 Tue 21 May 2019


Unauthorized text soliciting to buy my home which is not for sale. Scam call.

22:36 Mon 20 May 2019


Left no message

20:12 Mon 20 May 2019


This was their message: did you get the message that was sent to you on your delivery? If not yet, see URL

18:44 Mon 20 May 2019


This ones for you a scam link

16:35 Mon 20 May 2019


Keeps calling nonstop beginning at 9 pm.

02:00 Mon 20 May 2019


call my house phone 10 plus times in a row every day. leaves no msg. annoying

19:07 Sun 19 May 2019


Please try to give as much as details u can

04:27 Sun 19 May 2019


I received a text message saying don't show this to anyone, and had a link for you to click on, but I didn't click on it. But did send a text back asking who this was. No reply...

18:40 Sat 18 May 2019


message was left demands and threatening (voicemail)!

04:51 Sat 18 May 2019


This message left on my voicemail was very demanding with there needs and threatening!

04:35 Sat 18 May 2019


A person from POF gave me this number to call but not sure if it’s legit and haven’t called it

00:45 Sat 18 May 2019


Robocall warning me that my car warranty has expired.

21:00 Fri 17 May 2019