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Told me he had money to refund to me and got my account number. Then got remote access to my computer. I had to use my neighbor's phone to cancel my checking account. Do not talk to anyone from this number.

03:47 Fri 22 Feb 2019


Called but hung up. Called them back and no answer.

01:03 Fri 22 Feb 2019


If they call me one more time saying I am against the troops for not giving them money I am going to snap. Get a real job!

00:32 Fri 22 Feb 2019


Robo call

23:41 Thu 21 Feb 2019


Whatever this automated caller is they are persistent! They come back 2x a day and have a new number every day.

22:04 Thu 21 Feb 2019


Called said it was to lower my credit card interest and I pressed 1 to get a person and I told him to take my number off the list or I was calling the cops and he said F... You several times to me and I told him to remove my number and then I hung up. This number calls me several times a day.

21:11 Thu 21 Feb 2019


This is an IRS scam call, trying to get $5,000 out of me

20:49 Thu 21 Feb 2019


This number sent me a text message fishing for my Facebook account. It asked me to confirm my Facebook account from the device they texted me on by opening a link http://58038.faace-book.services.

20:23 Thu 21 Feb 2019


Fake recorded call for some name never heard of, mentioning court.

19:34 Thu 21 Feb 2019


It's odering me to sign some document. Bull crap!

19:21 Thu 21 Feb 2019


Trying to sell me hockey tickets here in St. Louis

19:20 Thu 21 Feb 2019


Medical B.S.

17:40 Thu 21 Feb 2019


Scam robo call asking you to call them back. They tell you they are the IRS filing a lawsuit for you.

16:57 Thu 21 Feb 2019


I have been receiving threatening text from this number. Don’t know who it is.

08:43 Thu 21 Feb 2019


The caller called and asked me why did I call her daughter. I know know her or her daughter!

01:17 Thu 21 Feb 2019