Hardwood Flooring (1)

What is the best type of hardwood?

The best type of hardwood flooring is a personal question.

When selecting your hardwood floor you may want to consider the following:

  • Where will the wood be going area, climate, use?
  • What is the sub flooring made out of?
  • You should always consider you living habits and lifestyle choices.
  • What is the style or theme of the current room where the flooring will be installed?

Heated Flooring (2)

Can I get DIY Radiant Heated Flooring?

Yes! In fact Warmly Yours an Illinois heated flooring company with one of the best DIY options on the market.

You can purchase the heated flooring mats for nearly every application. While you may save a fair amount of money by installing the radiant heated floor mats yourself, calling a real professional installer is sometime the better option.

I have in-floor heating. Will the piping freeze if my power goes out?

In short no.

In order to be up to the city’s building codes, nearly every state requires a mix of water and anti-freeze to be used in domestic piping applications.

However, there are always extremes with temperature and situations. If you were to leave your home unattended with the heat turned off in say Alaska you may have an issue. For most home owners this will not be a problem.

Industrial Flooring (3)

6,000 Sq. Ft. Gym needs to be brought back to life?

A heavy duty epoxy floor coating is a great way to bring any large space back to life.

The epoxy floor coating is specially crafted to harden and bring back floors with heavy ware and tear. There are many companies that will coat your floors with epoxy for a price.

Often you can get the epoxy yourself if you are looking to save money.

How do I remove the paint from my basement floors?

Any local hardware store, Home Depot or Lowes will have paint scrapers available.

If the paint is to hard to remove or flaking you may want to go the route of sandblasting.

Once you have got up all of the paint, wash the floor thoroughly and then allow the floors to dry overnight.

Are there any tricks to removing rust stains from cement?

If you have tried a bunch of cleaners and the rust will not budge there is one last option. Muriatic acid.

If you don’t already have some muriatic acid on hand here is a trick. Purchase a box of unsweetened lemonade drink mix. Make sure you buy enough to make at least 2 quarts.

Begin by boiling a half gallon of water on the stove. Then mix in the unsweetened lemonade and you are good to go.

Get the floor nice and wet. Use a stiff brush to scrub and watch your floors travel back in time.

Kitchen Flooring (1)

Best and eco-friendly way to completely disinfect a tile kitchen floor?

A spray bottle with a diluted bleach solution would be eco-friendly and effective.

A couple of tablespoons of bleach to a quart of water.

Bleach is not that toxic, to humans, but it is a great disinfectant.

Make a dilute solution using either an ammonia based product (like Pine Sol) or a bleach product (like Clorox) and water. Either of these (by themselves) do a great job of disinfecting and are pretty benign.

Plastic Flooring (2)

Inter-locking or regular plastic tiles for bathroom?

This really depends on the flooring application.

For most home gyms, we recommend interlocking rubber tiles.  Tiles are easily installed and require no adhesive or tape to put them down.

In commercial facilities, you can also use interlocking rubber tiles although you may want to go with a thicker tile than you would for home gym use.

Is it possible to change the color of laminate floor?

Short answer, no.

Unfortunately for you, a laminate floor must be replaced if you want to alter the appearance.

A laminate is a fake wood, sometimes they can essentially be an elaborate photocopy under a protective layer, other-times they are a mixture of glues and natural/recycled elements to acheive a certain effect.

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