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Not sure who this is

20:40 Thu 25 Apr 2019


Asked me to call him back. He said it would "only take two minutes"

20:27 Thu 25 Apr 2019


lame douch-bag fake give away text

19:48 Thu 25 Apr 2019


This number is screened as 'scam likely' by my service provider & is automatically blocked and doesn't allow the caller the opportunity to leave a voicemail. No way to tell who the number belongs to.

19:19 Thu 25 Apr 2019


SCAM: Shontifa called stating my deceased family member promised her money. SHAMEFUL

16:56 Thu 25 Apr 2019


Total Scam. Tried saying my number. Along to a distant relative who passed away years ago. They didn't know he was dead. Tried to say I needed to send money to avoid prosecution for helping him or they were coming to my place of employment immediately. Tried to bully and intimidate to get my credit card info. BEWARE!

16:37 Thu 25 Apr 2019


IRS SCAM. Typical "You will be taken under custody..."

15:33 Thu 25 Apr 2019


This number is connected to a call center. They call the business I work at multiple times a day. They never ask to speak to anyone; they just say a random name repeatedly. How stupid is that?

13:44 Thu 25 Apr 2019


Claims to work for the CIA and wants to compensate me for past scams, but I have to pay for activation of pin number from supposed bank.. Yah right even sent me a photo of his id from the agency but it's Liam Neeson photo and character name

23:49 Wed 24 Apr 2019


Called no message

22:28 Wed 24 Apr 2019


IRS SCAM. Typical "You will be taken under custody..." message in poor English.

22:06 Wed 24 Apr 2019


missed call. no message.

21:03 Wed 24 Apr 2019


This is the left message seems like scam It's too inform you that there is a legal enforcement action filed on your Social Security number for a criminal activities so when you get the message kind me a call back at your earliest possible on our number is 6466931187 I repeat 6466931187 before we legal proceedings thank you and have a nice day

20:17 Wed 24 Apr 2019


They left an automated message to call back to speak to a social officer. They normally call me locally. This number is from New York.

19:31 Wed 24 Apr 2019


Also got a thick Indian accent about how they were going to take action against me.

19:17 Wed 24 Apr 2019